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🎙️ The #15SECONDSOFFAME We are looking for talented people to give us that raw and uncut singing rapping or comedy. Give us your best 15 seconds and we will put you on blast ! Listen and call in for your 15 seconds of fame.

🎙️ The #5SECONDCHALLENGE Call In and Win.. You just have to be quick with it ! Win Rodney B. More's 5 Second Challenge - 5 Seconds To Name 5Things IE.... name 5 countries, in 5 seconds. Sounds easy right ? Not so much. listen daily to win prizes with the 5 second challenge.

🎙️ The #FREEMIX The World Famous #FREEMIX DJ Supreme in the mix with brand new Trap, Hip Hop, R&B and Throwbacks. All Hour Long beat to beat in the mix.